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How to Buy Tickets

1. Online. You can purchase tickets from this website by using your credit card. Online purchasing gives you some great options not available via other methods such as Choose-Your-Own-Seat, Print-at-Home technology. If these features are not available for a particular event, the system will allocate you the Best Available seats at the time of booking.Payment Accepted : VISA, MASTERCARD

2. By Phone. Call (07) 4053 8333 from 9am-midnight 7 days a week and an operator will assist you with your purchase.Payment Accepted : VISA, MASTERCARD

3. In Person. You can drop into Brothers Leagues Club from 9am-midnight 7 days a week. Payment Accepted : CASH, EFTPOS, VISA, MASTERCARD, VOUCHER, AMERICAN EXPRESS

4. At an Outlet. Some events sell tickets via outlets which will be listed on the event website.Payment Accepted : As per individual outlet.

5. At the door. Most events will have tickets available at the door at the event opening time. Most events will charge a higher price for door sales, and some events will be sold out prior to doors opening. Payment Accepted : As per event.

How to Receive Tickets

1. Box Office Collection. (Online & Phone) Tickets will be available for you to collect from Brothers Leagues Club Reception up until 4 hours before the event opening time. You will need to present Photo ID as the ticket purchaser. 

2. Print-At-Home. (Online) If this feature is available for your preferred event, your tickets will be emailed to your supplied email address, and you can simply print your tickets from any home printer.

3. Mail. (Online & Phone) Tickets can be posted by Registered Mail up until 5 business days before the event. A mailing fee applies.

Frequently Asked Questions

Tickets are sold subject to the conditions printed on the ticket (front & reverse) and in accordance with the "Code of Practice for the Ticketing of Live Entertainment in Australia." For a copy click here.

Most of the information you need is on the event or band website, but here are some answers to Frequently Asked Questions.

Q: Do I have to log in to buy tickets online?

A: No, this is completely optional. Just click “SKIP LOGIN & PROCEED TO CHECKOUT”.  There are benefits to creating an account as you will not need to enter your details every time you purchase a ticket and you can store your Print-At-Home tickets.

Q: Can I get a refund?

A: There are no refunds, credits or exchanges on all tickets unless the event has been cancelled or postponed as per our terms and conditions. Tickets must be treated like cash, if they are lost or stolen there is no recourse for a refund. If a show has been cancelled by the promoters we will send you an email or call you to let you know how you can collect a refund. In the event of cancellation, refunds will only be available when the tickets are presented and are usually only available within a 30day period.

Q: Do you set the prices or seating arrangements?

A: The ticket price for each event is set by the promoter. Tickets Cairns charges a small Ticketing Fee on top of that price. The seating arrangements are set by the promoter or venue.

Q: What Fees do you charge?

A: Tickets Cairns is committed to keeping fees as low as possible. A flat $2 Ticketing Fee is charged for each ticket, and for some childrens prices that fee may be less. There are no charges for using the internet, phone, credit cards or EFTPOS. In some circumstances there may be a small refund or exchange fee applied.

Q: Why do you need my contact information?

A: If unforseen circumstances arise such as a problem with your seats or if a show is cancelled we need to be able to contact you.

Q: What are the age restrictions for an event?

A: Age restrictions for an event are determined by the promoter / band / venue. Please see the event page for more information.

Q: What time does a performer come on?

A: Where possible we try to provide set times for events, but often the only times we have available are doors open times. You can check the number of support artists on the bill and try to estimate the headliner start time from there. 

Q: Can I take a chair / food / drinks or an umbrella to an event?

A: You will need to check the venue or event websites to find out their individual policies.

Q: How can I get in touch with a Promoter, Venue or Band?

A: Tickets Cairns is unable to give out contact details for promoters or bands. You can link to venue or band via the event page.

Q: I am having trouble buying online. What do I do?

A: There are number of reasons you could be experiencing difficutiles, if you would like to make a quick purchase, just give us a call on (07) 4053 8333 and we can process your transaction over the phone straight away. Otherwise, you might find the following helpful:

Check your browser - Windows PC users should use Internet Explorer 5.0 or above for best results. Macintosh users should use OSX with the Safari browser for best results. More details for Mac users can be found below.  

Java - Your computer must have java installed and enabled for the seatmaps to work properly. Windows XP users in particular are usually missing this file. To check if you are missing java, click this link: Test Java Enabled When you click this test link, you should see a message telling you that "Java is installed, enabled, and working!". If you do not receive this message, you should download java from this link: Download Java

Missing Event Titles - This is usually due to an ad or pop up blocker running on your system. The event titles are linked to pop up windows, asking for your seating preference. If your pop up blocker is set to reject all pop ups, the event titles may not display. Norton Personal Firewall settings also affect the event title display. If you are running Norton Personal Firewall, please try to reduce the security settings and try viewing the page again. Session Timeout Error - If you receive a "Your session has timed out" message when you have only been on the page for a few seconds, this may indicate that your browser settings are not set to accept "Third Party Cookies". To set this in Internet Explorer, go to TOOLS--> INTERNET OPTIONS, choose the Privacy tab and move the slider to "MEDIUM HIGH" OR LOWER. Do not set this slider to "HIGH" or above or you will not be able to complete your purchase on the site. Another possible problem with instant timeouts is a framing issue. If our client has framed the ticket-buying page within their website, and you have improper settings for the local vs. foreign cookie acceptance policy, we may be seen as passing a "foreign" cookie. In this case, you should open the event list in its own window. In most browsers, this is achieved with a right mouse click in the event list window and selecting the "Open page in a new window" option. You may then proceed with your purchase attempt.  

Macintosh Users - Macintosh users who have trouble with the site should attempt their purchase using Mac OSX and Safari with java enabled. These Mac users will be able to view the interactive seatmap and choose their seats from that map. Macintosh users with earlier versions of the Mac OS should attempt their purchase using the Netscape or Opera 7.x browsers. There will be no interactive seatmap option for these users. However, on the Order Overview page, these users may click the "Seatmap" button to see their seat location highlighted on the venue's map. Do not use Internet Explorer for Mac to attempt your ticket purchase on the site. This may cause strange problems on the order page, such as the system not accepting your credit card or expiration date.  

If none of the above suggestions resolve your problem and you are still experiencing difficulties using this site, please click here for email support.

Q: I didnt find what I'm looking for.

A: Try here conditions Refund Policy Fraud Policy Security Policy Privacy Statement or give us a call 07 4053 8333


Tickets Cairns can sell tickets for almost any event.

We can offer:

  • Secure Online sales from
  • Secure Online sales from your own website
  • Phone sales
  • Box Office sales
  • Outlet Tickets for sale
  • One flat, low, competitive $2 Ticketing Fee to the customer
  • No transaction, internet, phone, credit card or service fee’s.
  • No commissions
  • Easy setup process with minimum charges
  • Print-at-Home Tickets
  • Choose-Your-Own-Seat technology
  • Hard Tickets
  • Logo print on tickets
  • Real-time reporting & promoter login
  • Access Control technology (e.g. ticket scanning)
  • Ticket-Selling Staff at events
  • Fast on-sale turnaround
  • Fast payment turnaround
  • Marketing Support

Tickets Cairns uses the SEAT ADVISOR BOX OFFICE system which is used in universities, entertainment centres, theatres & stadiums world-wide.

For more information give us a call 4053 8333 or email